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06 oct. 2017 12:18 - atelier

Niveau intermédiaire

In French there are 3 different groups.
Let's check the second one!

A verb from the second group is a verb that finishes by -IR AND that ends by -issons at the first person plural. Let's check this out by using two verbs

“FINIR” (to finish) CUEILLIR (to pick)

Je finis Je cueille
Tu finis Tu cueilles
Il/Elle finit Il/Elle cueille
Nous finissons Nous cueillons
Vous finissez Vous cueillez
Ils/Elles finissent Ils/Elles cueillent

As we can see the verb “finir” finishes by -issons at the first person singular while “cueillir” doesn't, so we can say that “finir” is a verb of the second group and “cueillir” isn't.

Every verb ending is the same and never change regardless of the type of the sentence.
For example the verb “Franchir” (to cross)

Je franchis
Tu franchis
Il/Elle franchit
Nous franchissons
Vous franchissez
Ils/Elles franchissent

/!\ Warning: the verb “Haïr” (to hate) keeps his German umlaut at the first, second and third person plural

Je hais
Tu hais
Il/Elle hait
Nous haïssons
Vous haïssez
Ils/Elles haïssent
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